Three areas of focus for coaching individuals and organizations

Executive Coaching

My practice is exclusively high performers who want to perform higher. For executives who want to become stronger leaders. To gain self-awareness.  To clarify business and personal success.  To develop a plan to achieve their vision. To help them see their blinds spots. To provide a rational perspective on emotional decisions.  To be a sounding board.  To communicate and define expectations.  To understand how they are perceived in the organization and the implications that has.  

I don't try to fix anyone.  And  I don't make decisions for anyone.  I help executives see more possibilities before they make the decision that is right for them.  Business Coaching works.  According to a Korn/Ferry Institute study of executives being coached, 79% improved significantly on behaviors being coached.  And 95% rated coaching as very effective.

Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

I work with entrepreneurs of successful companies and help them take their company to the next level.  My clients aren't broken; they just want to perform better.  I'm called in to get the management team on the same page.  To clarify the vision so everyone in the company knows where they're headed.  To connect the strategy to the everyday decisions of employees.  To knock down the silos affecting how departments work together.  To position the product in the marketplace.  To improve marketing effectiveness.  To better connect the customer to the product.  To facilitate internal meetings and retreats.  

I also work with start-ups to ensure the company is not one of the 80% that fail the first 18 months. With 30 years of experience as a business owner and consultant, I have deep experience and experiences that are relative to the decisions most any type of business faces.