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Comments from member evaluations:

"Trustful and insightful"
"Easy-going and not boring"
"No Kumbaya"

Certified Forum Facilitator for YPO

I am very passionate about forums.  Being in a YPO forum for 20 years was a life-changing experience.

I have been a CFF for over 10 years because I want to optimize the forum experience by building forums with exceptional take-home value.  Also, it’s my way to pay it forward.

My CFF approach is based on three core beliefs:  No two forums should be the same.  Without the right structure and process, you cannot go deep.  Simple is sustainable.

I enjoy delivering Forum Basics, Moderator Training, and revitalizing forums.  I have launched more than 17 new forums and a ton of retreats.

Since the 5-point evaluation was implemented, my lowest score has been a 4.5.  I am known as the Forum Architect.

Please give me a call to discuss your forum or next retreat. Call me at 713.502.4141 or email me.