“Larry Makes It Happen”

CEO Lexus Dealership


  • Leadership growth
  • Greater personal achievement
  • New ways of thinking and operating
  • Decision-making skills
  • Improved connection with direct reports
  • Transitions
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Redefine existing perceptions
  • CEO coach and sounding board


  • Facilitate board retreats
  • Board performance
  • Vision and mission planning 

“Everybody has a plan until they get hit.”

–Mike Tyson, champion boxer


  • No conventional wisdom -  it’s yesterday’s thinking
  • Be a relentless catalyst
  • Focus on new possibilities
  • I don’t make decisions – you do
  • Clear road map to success
  • Self-accountability
  • Either do the work or go home
  • Push you to think different to be different


  • Management team on the same page
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Eliminate departmental silos
  • Culture assessment and alignment
  • Vision ownership and articulation
  • Recognition programs
  • Stronger customer connections
  • Facilitate retreats and meetings
  • Launch new business
  • Confidential sounding board

“The Romans did not build a great empire by sitting in meetings. They built a great empire by vanquishing those who opposed them.”

Featured Clients


"I've learned more about leadership from Larry than anyone I've ever met."

Robert W. – CEO

"He never tells me what to do. He helps me see more options and then I make the decision that works best for me."

Steve S. – Business Owner

"Larry has been amazing to work with. He really helps me identify my weaknesses and get to the heart of an issue before it becomes something bigger."

Eric D. – Executive